Media Coverage

School transportation

Popular Mechanics. How an Algorithm Made the Buses in Boston Better. August 2019.

The 74 Million. Building a Smarter (and Cheaper) School Bus System. August 2019.

The Wall Street Journal. How Do You Solve A School Bus Problem? Call MIT. August 2017.

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WBUR (NPR Boston). 2 MIT Engineers Use Math To Plot A Path For Boston's School Buses. July 2017.

The Boston Globe. In A Bid to Save $5m, City Will Slice Bus Routes. July 2017.

School start times

Kellogg Insight. Researchers Designed an Algorithm to Save Schools Money and Improve Equity. The District Loved it. Then Things Got Messy. October 2020.

INFORMS News. Optimized school bus routing helps school districts design better policies. April 2019.

Wired. What the Boston school bus schedule can teach us about AI. November 2018.

The Boston Globe (special report). Computers can solve your problem. You may not like the answer. September 2018.

In March 2018, we also presented our work to the Rhode Island Special Legislative Commission on School Start Times.

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